I feel very privileged to be an expert anaesthesiologist and a researcher.
My research aims to identify effective and efficient ways to treat patients and to avoid clinical postoperative problems.  


University of Geneva Medical School, Switzerland
1969 – 1975
University of Pavia
University of Geneva - University of Pavia and University of Washington
Residency in Anaesthesiology
Also Dr. Bisio was admitted an innovative curriculum to fast-track emergency and rescue clinical scientist:
A fellowship in Anaesthesia research and Intensive care at University of Johann Wolfgang Goeth Frankfurt
Following residency he did a fellowship in anaesthesia Patient Safty and Simulation-based Medical Education under mentorship of Prof.F.W.Ahnefold and W.Dick at University of Ulm.
Simultaneously, he completed a research fellowship in Respiratory Pathophysiology funded at the Pneumology Institute University of Genova and Anaesthesia Department University of Johannes Gutenberg Mainz.
Professor Bisio completed the Master of  Anaesthesia, Intensivcare, Paintherapy comprehensive Instructor workshop at University Varese (Prof. GC Serra) and Ulm and main Faculty Development Centre's Medical Teacher's Workshop under mentorship of Prof. Schmitz.

Prof. Bisio Designed and implemented a curriculum named ImPrint-CIRS for online anaesthesia contacts, interdisciplinary brain storming, deep preoperative informations from all patients.
His degree focuses on developing expiates for pain therapy  and medical engineering; critical airway management and new surgical instrument.
Prof. Bisio says that: I will continue to refine my medical skills trough focused reflection on what my way optimise on respect, security and comfort by Swiss Leading Plastic Surgery patients.